Sustainable Urban Environments​


A commitment to sustainability


ASAS INCORPORAÇÕES E HABITAT LTDA was founded by Jaques Suchodolski M.S. in 2008. An architect and urbanist, Jaques Suchodolski has over 35 years of experience in construction and has designed and developed numerous projects throughout Brazil.

ASAS Incorporacoes e Habitat Ltda was created with the goal of creating sustainable urban environments and buildings that are inspiring, beautiful, functional, durable and low maintenance. With a driven commitment to create the lowest possible environmental impact, every project undergoes a process of careful study and environmental planning to maximize the use of natural light and ventilation and to integrate differentiated and proven sustainable construction technologies, including the extensive use of electric cogeneration devices, solar panels, water recycling and thermal acoustic insulation.

ASAS Incorporacoes e Habitat Ltda has won numerous awards, including the prestigious “50 Empresas do Bem” award by the magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro, putting it on a par with many giant multinationals like Ambev, Nestle and Vale.

Neo Next Generation - Florianópolis, Brazil
Founder and Director

Jaques Suchodolski

Asas founder and director, Jaques Suchodolski, is a graduate of FAU-USP and an experienced architect and urban planner who has worked with some of the greatest names in Brazilian architecture, including Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Joaquim Guedes.

Jaques was also the urban design coordinator for PICCED at the Pratt Institute of New York and has participated in and signed off on over 2,000 residential units during the course of his career. He was a part of the teams responsible for the redevelopment of the Pinheiros and Tietê riversides in São Paulo, Brazil, and the urban revitalization of the Harlem region in New York, USA.

As a young man he was active in the arts, attending art school and studying painting and drama. He considers these experiences in the arts as fundamental to his foundation as an architect, stating, “A good architect needs a complete cultural background to observe and appreciate the space, which is not something you can learn at university.”

Jaques currently lives in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, where he created and developed the innovative residential building, Neo – Next Generation, the first Brazilian residential project using wind energy, located in Novo Campeche, in addition his current projects in Pedra Branca, a model planned urban development in greater Florianópolis.