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Co-Living Hospitality

This beautiful development located on the main Promenade in the beautiful city and technical hub of Pedra Branca, is an innovative new conceptual space designed for living, working, studying and having fun all in one place.

The complex consists of 208 hospitality apartments, an events center, four commercial spaces, a café and a beautiful relaxing leisure and multi-use space including a swimming pool, bar and gardens in a modern, comfortable, efficient and sustainable building.

The spectacular Co-Living Hospitality Hotel is an important progression for Pedra Branca, as it is the only venture in the neighborhood to offer hotel accommodation. It will also complement the existing commercial infrastructure and offer more stores on the promenade and provide additional covered and uncovered parking.

Project Data

- 208 Suites with areas between 18.63 to 23.80m2;
- An option for 16 more special apartments;
- Separate access and floors for hotel and student residence apartments;
- Events center and conference area with space for 124 people;
- Meeting rooms;
- Solar panels for water heating;
- Solar panels to generate electricity;
- Water treatment and recycling;
- Efficient ventilation systems for interior spaces;
- Commercial space with a total area of 470 m2;
- Restaurant Rental, Wine Bar, Cafe, Laundry & Shops;
- Café & Bar with an area of 100 m2.

Dom Senior Living - Quadra da Vida

The DOM Senior Living residential community is located in the center of the planned creative city and technical hub of Pedra Branca, and was created based on a new wellness concept for the senior sector of the population. With exclusive spaces focused on leisure, stimulation, heritage, joy and appreciation of life, DOM Residential Solutions will offer our senior residents greater quality of life, safety and autonomy.

This unique residential development consists of 110 apartments with an average area of 44m2, a restaurant open to the public, leisure and living spaces including exercise rooms, a heated pool, ecumenical and family spaces, a beautiful garden and vegetable garden. These concept areas are integrated with the green facade to extend the comfort and sustainability of the building.

The development of a Senior Living residential community will meet a pent-up demand from over 10,000,000 seniors living in the region who need a housing solution with infrastructure and quality service for this sector of the population and will be an important progression for the development of the planned neighborhood.

DOM Senior Living will be part of the Quadra da Vida complex, which will include a hospital and the innovative Co-Living Residential Hotel, with interconnected ground areas, creating an integrated space for all age groups.

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Project Data

- 11,705.74 m2 of constructed area;
- 6,541.80 m2 of senior living apartments;
- 114 semi-furnished apartments;
- Nursing station and clinic;
- Storefronts;
- Green area and garden -60m2;
- 100m2 Ballroom;
- Dining Area - 150m2;
- Activity room including cinema, computers and library;
- 70m2 heated pool;
- 50m2 exercise and physiotherapy room;
- Ecumenical space - 50m2;
- Family visiting spaces - 90m2.

Terra Vista Special Reserve

Terra Vista is one of the most famous and successful tourist developments on the Brazilian coast. The 1.100 hectares perched on the top of multi-colored cliffs and the beautiful beaches of Rio da Barra and Taípe at their base combine to produce a location of rare and spectacular beauty.

This extensive development includes native forest, fine hotels, exclusive residential villas, swimming pools, sports facilities, bars, restaurants and an amphitheatre for 2200 people. There is also an airport and the famously challenging 18 hole championship golf course, all situated a mere 10 minute drive from the bucolic coastal town of Trancoso.

Project Data

- 1.100 Hectares;
- Distinctive architecture;
- Residential and commercial development;
- 18 hole championship golf course;
- Amphitheatre with a capacity 2200 people;
- Restaurants, bars and sports facilities;
- Airport Terravista with a 1.500m runway.

Neo Next Generation

Neo Next Generation is an innovative residential apartment building developed in the planned neighborhood of Novo Campeche on the seaward coast of the beautiful island of Florianopolis. The development combines sustainability and respect for nature, without compromising on the comfort and sophistication of a high-end venture.

NEO is the first Brazilian residential to be designed and developed with a system that uses combined sources of clean energy – wind and solar – to provide 100% of the energy required to heat the water, apartments and the communal areas for the two buildings. Another differential is the reuse of water to irrigate the gardens and an efficient system for effluent collection and treatment, generating huge water savings.

NEO has an organic garden that uses organic waste for composting, a waste disposal system for separating waste into individual trash bins for selective collection.

Project Data

- 20 apartments and 4 Penthouses;
- Thermo Acoustic Insulation;
- Spacious 3 bedroom apartments;
- Double layer concrete floors for acoustic isolation;
- Large openings that make the most of natural light;
- Private Club and communal area;
- 21 meter lap pool and children's pool;
- Sauna, lounge space, upscale furnishings and fitness facility.


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